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This creamy cleanser will erase the day away and renew your skin. Made with Aloe and Rooibos Tea. This is a gentle cleanser for all skin types. Aloe will heal your skin and the rooibos tea brings a healthy dose of antioxidants to the skin which helps your skin look healthy. Renew your skin daily with this cleanser. You deserve it.  Be kind to your skin.

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This foundation is completley full coverage. It comes in varying shades and tones. This is a double duty product. I use this in my travel bag as a concealer as well. 

Makeup revolution's conceal and define provides full coverage. There are 24 shades ranging from fair to deep. Lightweight and doesn't crease. This also counteracts dark circles.


This is a great setting powder. This is classified as a baking powder but it can be used as a setting powder. It does not crease in those fine lines and helps keep your makeup on throughout the day.

Self care is so important. Indulge your skin in a plant based skin care treatment. This includes Envie's signature cleanser, toner, and serum with a bonus of a rhassoul clay mask. There is enough product to do at least two facials. Take care of yourself and be kind to your skin. 


This shade is great neutral for most skin types.  Of course those with darker tones should go a color shade up from this. But this lipstick lasts. 


Do you struggle with the liquid liner that seems to slide everywhere when you are trying to do your wing liner? Yea, me too. This one is so precise and doesn't slide around the lid. I love it. 


This is the best brow kit out there. Several colors come in this kit from blonde to a dark grey/brown color. I find that this product works well for filling in sparse brows.

Makeup remover pads

I love these. You can wash them in the included laundry bag and have a pad for everyday of the week. Plus they are black so no need to worry about that mascara showing up.


This luxurious serum will bring your skin back to life. Crafted in Oregon with Rosehip and Hibiscus.   Rosehip is known for it’s healing properties and hibiscus contains antioxidants that fight free radicals. Revive your skin with this wonderful serum. You deserve it. Be kind to your skin.  

Cold Cream

This K-beauty staple is amazing to get rid of that stubborn mascara and eyeliner. This glides onto the skin and helps keep your skin moisturized. Follow up with Envie's cleanser.

This light, refreshing mist will help tone your skin and boost the moisture throughout the day. Made with rose water and witch hazel. Rose water has wonderful soothing properties and the witch hazel is a great ingredient to keep your skin balanced. Refresh your skin daily with this mist. You deserve it.  Be kind to your skin.